Our services

  • Medical coverage for businesses

    Medical coverage for businesses

    For your corporate or other medical needs,
    Dessercom Events offers you complete medical coverage thanks to its professional multidisciplinary team

  • Medical prevention plan (PPM)

    Medical prevention plan (PPM)

    For adequate preparation of the medical resources to be put in place for your business, we carry out a complete analysis of the risks linked to your work, the participants and the site.

  • Medical certification

    Medical certification

    In addition to training for your employees, this service offers you adequate medical resources as well as medical equipment for your customers and visitors for certain periods of the year and/or on a regular schedule.

  • Medical assistance for public places

    Medical assistance for public places

    En plus de la formation pour vos employés, ce service vous offre des ressources médicales adéquates ainsi que des équipements médicaux pour vos clients et visiteurs pour certaines périodes de l’année et/ou selon un horaire régulier.

  • Business emergency simulation

    Business emergency simulation

    Dessercom Events can offer you an annual emergency situation to update the knowledge of your team members.

  • Training


    Whether it is ACLS, CPR-AED training, severe allergy management, first aid, Code 99 in the office or business simulation, we are available to prepare your team or employees for medical incidents with our training.

  • Medical supplies and equipment

    Medical supplies and equipment

    Whether for rental, sale or for maintenance and cleaning, we can manage all your medical supplies and equipment.

  • Partnership with SP Medical

    Partnership with SP Medical

    Dessercom’s events division is a partner with SP Médical, a medical supplies and equipment company, to meet all your needs.

  • Road vehicles

    1 Pick up F150
    1 SUV
    2 event ambulances

  • First aid rooms

    1 medical trailer
    1 first aid trailer

  • Off-road vehicles

    1 all-terrain vehicle
    5 ambulance carts
    1 segway
    1 three wheel moped

  • Other interventions

    2 motorcycles
    3 bikes
    1 pontoon

A division that grows every year

Our events division was born from the company GTI Medical, founded in 2008. In 2019, Dessercom became a 50% shareholder, then made the complete acquisition in 2023, with the desire to continue the growth of this service. Every year, more and more organizations choose to trust us.

  • 75

    Employees (paramedics, nurses, doctors, and other health professionals)

  • 200

    Students and retirees in SPU who are part of our Brigade for medical coverage of events

  • 350

    Events covered annually

An overview of our customers

  • Centre Vidéotron

    We provide medical assistance during the Remparts de Quebec games and all the shows presented at the stadium.

  • Amphithéâtre COGECO

    We provide medical assistance during all shows in the amphitheater, particularly those of Cirque du Soleil.

  • Colisée Vidéotron

    We provide medical assistance during all Trois-Rivières Lions games.

  • Tournoi international Pee Wee de Québec

    For several years, we have provided medical care during this major annual hockey event.

  • Triathlon Sail Challenge Cap Québec

    We provide medical assistance during this world-class triathlon.

  • Marathon de Québec Beneva

    For several years, Dessercom's events division has been providing first aid during this great marathon.

  • Festival Envol et Macadam

    Many festivals use our services, such as the popular Envol et Macadam festival in Quebec.

  • Festival mécanique de Tingwick

    Among the festivals covered by our team, we also include this festival for motorcycle enthusiasts.

  • Festival Cigale

    We also provide medical assistance for the Cigale Festival at Baie de Beauport.

  • Fêtes de la St-Jean-Baptiste

    Through the many festivals that we cover, we are also present at many St-Jean-Baptiste celebrations across Quebec.

Numerous partnerships to optimize our services to the population

With more than 15 years of experience in event medical coverage, Dessercom has developed several partnerships which contribute to improving our offer to customers.

The Dessercom Brigade

The Dessercom Brigade is a team of paramedic students or retirees from the profession who provide medical assistance at cultural, sporting or philanthropic events!

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