Community services

The Dessercom family is united in its passion for people and its desire to serve its communities. In fact, that’s how Dessercom got its name: DES SERvices COMmunautaires.

Proud to be the only charitable organization in the field, our company’s philosophy is to give back everything in its power to the health sector and optimize its effectiveness.

Our vision for the future begins now

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    Dessercom, a charitable organization, is committed to improving health care and the well-being of its communities through its actions and philanthropic involvement.

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    To become a diversified healthcare company that dedicates the high-level expertise of its employees to the development of healthcare services and the well-being of the communities we serve.

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    The values favored by Dessercom and its staff guide each of our interventions, all oriented towards the primacy of the beneficiary:
    Commitment, excellence, authenticity, benevolence.

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  • Founding

    On November 21, 1968, J. Gérard Couture, Gilles Demers and Roger Lepage entered into a trust agreement with the Hôtel-Dieu de Lévis in order to create La Fiducie des services ancillaires de l’Hôtel-Dieu de Lévis. The Fiducie initially took over the hospital's snack bar operations.

  • TV rentals

    The Hôtel-Dieu de Lévis decides to entrust its TV rentals, previously managed by the hospital, to the Fiducie.

  • Parking

    The Fiducie des services ancillaires also becomes responsible for managing the parking lots at the Hôtel-Dieu de Lévis.

  • Ambulance services

    The Fiducie acquires its first ambulance service: Ambulances 2000. At the time, the organization operated two vehicles in the Lévis area under the Ambulances Rive-Sud banner. The company’s head office was built in Lévis in 2000, then renovated in 2014, becoming the offices we know today.

  • Expansion: Capitale-Nationale

    The company obtains a license to operate emergency medical services in the municipality of Loretteville (Quebec City region). This was the start of Ambulances Nord-Sud, which was located at the Hôpital Chauveau in Loretteville at the time.

  • Acquisition of Ambulances Kamouraska-Est

    The company expands towards Bas-Saint-Laurent by acquiring the Saint-Alexandre de Kamouraska ambulance service (renamed Ambulances Kamouraska-Est). The station was later renovated in 2013.

  • The Fiducie becomes “Dessercom”

    On February 22, 1988, the Inspector General of Financial Institutions grants Dessercom its letters patent. The Fiducie’s assets and activities are then transferred to this new entity to the ensure continuity of ownership and management.

  • Expansion in the Capitale-Nationale

    Dessercom acquires Ambulance Ste-Foy, belonging to the municipality of the same name. This became the birth of Ambulances Inter-Cités, which operated out of the Hôpital Laval at the time.

  • Charitable status

    Dessercom obtains charitable status and officially becomes a non-profit organization, which is still its purpose today.

  • Medical transport

    The company diversifies by setting up a medical transport and support division, which provides non-emergency transfers between facilities.

  • Expansion: “West” sector

    Acquisition of B.G.R. (renamed Ambulances St-Hyacinthe, Ambulances Acton Vale, and Ambulances Drummondville) and Ambulances G.M.R. (renamed Ambulances Granby). Dessercom also opens an administrative office in St-Hyacinthe in addition to its head office in Lévis.

  • Expansion: Beauce and Capitale-Nationale

    Dessercom buys the Sainte-Marie de Beauce and St-Raymond ambulance services (renamed Ambulances Sainte-Marie and Ambulances Portneuf, respectively).

  • Call centre

    Looking to expand further, Dessercom sets up a call centre and dispatch service for its medical transport division. The head office takes the opportunity to officially move to Lévis, in a new building. Today, the dispatch centre is called the Customer Contact Centre.

  • A new entity: Gestac HDL

    The management of TV rentals, the parking lot, and the snack bar at Hôtel-Dieu de Lévis are transferred to a new entity, Gestac HDL, which becomes an independent entity with the same managers and structure as Dessercom.

  • Expansion: Eastern Townships

    Dessercom purchases the Windsor and Asbestos ambulance services, previously operated by Ambulances Côté (renamed Ambulances Windsor and Ambulances Asbestos, respectively). This marks the arrival of Dessercom in the Eastern Townships.

  • Expansion: Mauricie

    Dessercom becomes the owner of Ambulances Lyster, an ambulance company in the Mauricie region. A new building was built there in 2012.

  • First wave of acquisitions

    Dessercom acquires Ambulances Mégantic-Frontenac (renamed Ambulances Lac-Mégantic and Ambulances Lambton), as well as Ambulances Bedford. The service points received three new stations: the Bedford station was built in 2010, followed by the Lambton station in 2013 and the Lac-Mégantic station in 2020.

  • Second wave of acquisitions

    Dessercom merges its Quebec City stations, creating Ambulances de la Capitale-Nationale, then founds subsidiary Transport médical de la Capitale-Nationale. It also acquires Ambulance 3377 (renamed Ambulances St-Charles), its subsidiary Ambulances Bellechasse, and the assets used to serve Plessisville.

  • Expansion: Chaudière-Appalaches

    Dessercom acquires shares in Ambulance Parent & St-Hilaire (now Ambulances Saint-Sylvestre).

  • Expansion in the Eastern Townships

    Dessercom acquires Ambulance des
    Appalaches (renamed Ambulances La Patrie), located in the RCM of Haut-Saint-François in the Eastern Townships.

  • A record year of acquisitions

    Dessercom’s biggest wave of acquisitions to date: Ambulances Manseau, Ambulances 0911 (renamed Ambulances Louiseville), Ambulances Coaticook, Ambulances Bas-St-François, and Ambulances Abitémis (which has 11 service points in Abitibi-Témiscamingue and Nord-du-Québec plus an administrative office in Malartic).

  • Expansion: Lanaudière

    The company acquires Ambulances Rawdon and Entreprises Luc St-Amour Inc. (which had been renamed Ambulances Berthierville) in July 2018.

  • 50% acquisition of GTI Medical

    Dessercom is launching into event medical assistance by acquiring 50% of the company GTI Medical.

  • More expansion in Capitale-Nationale

    In August 2020, Dessercom acquires Ambulances Côte-de-Beaupré, located in the Capitale-Nationale administrative region.

  • Acquisition of Ambulances Val-d'Or

    In 2022, Dessercom is expanding its territory in Abitibi-Témiscamingue by acquiring Ambulances Val-d'Or.

  • 100% shareholder of GTI Medical

    Dessercom definitely adds a new service to its offering by acquiring 100% of GTI Medical, which becomes Dessercom Événements.

  • Acquisition of Airmedic

    Dessercom acquires a brand new aeromedical evacuation service by acquiring the company Airmedic.

Partnerships and investments in the health of tomorrow

Diversifying our services is one of our main goals, so Dessercom is proud to invest in companies that are involved in different aspects of health, whether that be technological and innovative tools, promising research projects, event coverage, or even medical supplies and devices.